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For patients

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Helping advanced treatments reach more people
who need them.

At Teva, we don’t believe cost should be a barrier between people and the medicines they need. That’s why
make more generic medicines than any company in the world. In fact, close to 200 million people across six
continents take a Teva medicine every day. Which creates savings every day. In 2018 alone, our generic medicines
generated savings of $54.6 billion across 18 countries, according to analysis by MGA. 

And, we offer copay assistance programs to lower costs and improve patient access to medications. We're working
to make our biosimilars more affordable, so more patients can access the treatments they need.


Teva biosimilars Mission: Making Biosimilars accessible to patients who need them

Our mission

Learn how we're making biosimilars more accessible.

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Teva Capabilities: Finding new ways to unleash value

Our capabilities

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Teva Biosimilar Expertise: Meet the Leaders of Teva

Our expertise

Meet the vanguards leading the way in the new frontier.

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Teva Biosimilar Products and Partnerships

Our biosimilars

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Exploring Biosimilars with Teva Biosimilars

Explore biosimilars

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