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In the fast-expanding world of biosimilars we’re finding new ways to unleash value on many fronts.

Biosimilars costs: Leveraging advanced bio-analytics

Lowering development costs

Leveraging advanced bio-analytics to help lower the cost of drug development.

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Biosimilar Manufacturing: state-ofthe- art bio-manufacturing to help cut costs without cutting quality

Helping to advance biomanufacturing

Unleashing state-of-the-art bio-manufacturing to help cut costs without cutting quality.

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Boosting Supply: The global leader in APIs - Teva

Boosting reliable supply

Leveraging a vast global supply chain to provide reliable supply.

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Teva supports HCPs and their patients with the Comprehensive Oncology Reimbursement Expertise (CORE) program

Accelerating reimbursement

Helping to overcome the barriers to timely reimbursement.

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Advocating for the sustainable future of biosimilars

Championing regulatory efficiency

Advocating for streamlined biosimilar regulatory pathways.

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Teva Biosimilar Expertise: Meet the Leaders of Teva

Our expertise

Meet the vanguards leading the way in the new frontier.

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Teva Biosimilar Products and Partnerships

Our biosimilars

Discover our innovations in the new frontier.

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Exploring Biosimilars with Teva Biosimilars

Explore biosimilars

Learn why biosimilars are the new frontier.

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Teva biosimilars Mission: Making Biosimilars accessible to patients who need them

Our mission

Learn how we're making biosimilars more accessible.

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Teva Capabilities: Finding new ways to unleash value

Our capabilities

See how we’re unleashing value on many fronts.

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