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Helping doctors prescribe biosimilars that can help
break through the cost barrier.

How can a doctor prescribe a breakthrough biologic if the cost barrier can’t be broken through? We’re leveraging
our heritage in generics to build a strong and growing portfolio of advanced biosimilar medicines to help improve
drug access and affordability.


Teva biosimilars Mission: Making Biosimilars accessible to patients who need them

Our mission

Learn how we're making biosimilars more accessible.

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Teva Capabilities: Finding new ways to unleash value

Our capabilities

See how we’re unleashing value on many fronts.

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Teva Biosimilar Expertise: Meet the Leaders of Teva

Our expertise

Meet the vanguards leading the way in the new frontier.

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Teva Biosimilar Products and Partnerships

Our biosimilars

Discover our innovations in the new frontier.

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Exploring Biosimilars with Teva Biosimilars

Explore biosimilars

Learn why biosimilars are the new frontier.

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