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Biosimilar program


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At Teva, we understand a healthy biosimilars pipeline is a valuable part of our future. Which is why we’re determined to lead the way in innovating quality, affordable and accessible biosimilars.

See the many biologic and biosimilars development programs at multiple stages in our pipeline.

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Teva biosimilars Mission: Making Biosimilars accessible to patients who need them

Our mission

Learn how we're making biosimilars more accessible.

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Teva Capabilities: Finding new ways to unleash value

Our capabilities

See how we’re unleashing value on many fronts.

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Teva Biosimilar Expertise: Meet the Leaders of Teva

Our expertise

Meet the vanguards leading the way in the new frontier.

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Teva Biosimilar Products and Partnerships

Our biosimilars

Discover our innovations in the new frontier.

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Exploring Biosimilars with Teva Biosimilars

Explore biosimilars

Learn why biosimilars are the new frontier.

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