Our Mission

Over 35 years ago, Teva became a pioneer in the evolution of the generic medicines movement. Today, our commitment to making innovative medicines more accessible continues, with biosimilars being a logical next step.


Teva is the world’s largest maker of generic pharmaceutical products 1

Striving to Increase Access and Affordability for Many Patients

At Teva, our mission is to provide solutions that advance healthcare and improve the lives of patients.

As one of the largest US medical products manufacturers, Teva2:

  • Has a comprehensive portfolio of medications, including generic, supportive care, and branded products
  • Is exploring opportunities to include biosimilars and continue our heritage of offering value-based medications

Our Commitment to Education

Teva has created a resource center to help foster a better understanding of biosimilars.

Increase your knowledge by:

  • Downloading information and materials
  • Watching short videos on key topics
  • Linking to additional resources
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Reference: 1. Quintiles IMS Health NPA MAT Q4 Rx Rank Report. December 2017. 2. Teva in-market IMS NSP data. September 2017.